About me

Sean Cribbs

A native of Kansas City, I am proud to be living in my hometown again with my wife Elizabeth and our cats. I have previously lived in Chapel Hill and Durham, NC, Lawrenceville, NJ, and DeKalb, IL.

I currently work as a software engineer and project technical lead at Comcast Cable. I previously worked at Basho Technologies, and as a freelancer. I have worked remotely for over eight years.

I previously studied Music Theory, Composition, and Choral Conducting, and worked as a choir director for several years. I believe in being a well-rounded person with many interests, and the value of a liberal-arts education, especially for technical folks.

I hold two degrees from University of Tulsa, a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, and a Bachelor of Arts in Music. I pursued a Master of Music degree at University of Missouri - Kansas City Conservatory, but did not complete the program.

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