Daily log - April 16, 2009

by Sean Cribbs

Cucumber/Webrat with Selenium I spent most of today trying to get our Cucumber setup running on Selenium and producing the same results as plain Webrat rails mode. A few things I found out:

I didn’t finish this last night because…

I was at an event in Chapel Hill called the “YouTube Tournament”, organized by some students at UNC SILS, where my wife is attending graduate school. (If you follow me on Twitter, that’s all those #yttour messages. No, my account wasn’t compromised.) 12 people were contestants, and played their favorite strange/funny/unique videos to be judged against their opponent at each round. Here’s a list of the ones I can remember, in no particular order (some have explicit language):

In addition to videos from the contestants, the event organizers played a few of their favorites during breaks. We saw two cheesy Toto videos, a “literalized” remake of A-ha’s “Take On Me”, and a Rickroll, but this one was my favorite non-competition video of the night.

UPDATE: Here’s some more I found by searching twitter for #yttour.

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