Switch to mongrel, other news

by Sean Cribbs

I’m trying a switch to mongrel as my app server for this site. I was tired of getting Proxy requests timing out when using lighttpd. I don’t know that I’ve solved the problem, but it seems that static files are served somewhat faster by Apache. I think simply because of Rails’ single-threadedness, we’re still going to see proxy timeouts. Oh well, I’m free of the ugliness that is FCGI. All of my apps are now running on Litespeed or Mongrel.

KCKCC.edu officially launched. Check it out. I intend to put up some articles about the process and everything we did to make Radiant work, but I have bigger fish to fry right now.

John Long has accepted me to the Radiant core team. Some of the first things I intend to contribute are some enhancements to the extensions code. Test fixtures would be nice! Of course, I’m sure a comments extension is on people’s wishlists and I’ll satisfy them soon enough.

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