Ripple Hackathon - Day 1

by Sean Cribbs

So you may have heard about this event going on around Ripple this week. Basically, we have committers and interested parties gathering in the offices of Basho’s SF office to hack on Ripple and move it toward 1.0. Today was the first day of the hackathon/sprint/thing. Here’s a quick rundown on what happened:

Planning & Priorities

Because our committers are volunteers and are taking time out of their regular work to be here and to contribute, I wanted to make it worth their while – to let them work on what would make the most impact for them. So we started with a discussion that consumed most of the morning, dropping our personal priorities into either the “Gripes” (actual problems encountered) or “Wants” (desired features that would make things easier) columns. Mark took a picture of this discussion in-progress:

- @seancribbs and the ripple committers plotting 1.0 at the h... on Twitpic

Some of these were things that can be directly addressed by the library, some will need to be done in Riak itself. The list, roughly as it went up on the board, is below:



We all then took some things that we wanted to work on and sat down to work on them. I also fielded a lot of questions about certain aspects of the things others were working on.

Wrap-up & Demos

One thing I wanted to do with each day was to prevent it from fizzling out, so we all discussed one thing we had accomplished (or decided on) and talked about it or showed off code.

It was a very exhilirating day (if a bit distracted at times), and I trust tomorrow will be really productive as well.

Come on by

As the original announcement mentions, if you’re in the San Francisco Bay area and want to talk about Ripple, Riak, or contribute to the library, feel free to drop by the Basho office (929 Market, Suite 500) anytime during business hours tomorrow or Wednesday. We also have formal “Riak Office Hours” on Wednesday too, if your questions are more general.


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