Ripple Hackathon - Day 3

by Sean Cribbs

I started writing this last night, but just got time to publish it.

The Ripple Hackathon has finished! Today felt even more on-focus than yesterday, but also less frantic/stressed. We were in “the zone” for sure. Here’s what we accomplished today:


This was a phenomenal week; I can tell because we kept a kanban on one of the whiteboards and the list in the “Done” column grew quite long in the three days (or you can just look at the commit list and changes). More than just the things completed, I believe we developed a rapport and understanding that can only be done in-person. We also have a clearer way forward, and some momentum behind key features that have been waiting to be started.

Thanks to all the committers who attended, and a very special thanks to the people at Basho who helped make this happen:


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